Construction Company Building Winter Maintenance

As winter approaches, it is time to schedule the preventive maintenance for the commercial building you manage. The safety and comfort of all the people working inside depend on it. Here are some of the basic checkups a commercial building maintenance team should perform:

  1. Roof Inspection

Any building is as safe and solid as its roof. Even minor cracks should be fixed before winter. As water seeps in and then freezes, it forces the crack wider apart and you have all the conditions for major leaking and the occurrence of mold and fungi under the roof.

  1. HVAC Systems Inspection

During the winter, the heating system will be used intensively. If it is not in proper condition, it may bread down. Thus, the companies leasing space in the building will have to provide heating for their employees until the HVAC system is repaired and will bill the extra expenses to you.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, make sure that your HVAC system gets the green light before winter sets in during the preventive maintenance.

  1. Plumbing Inspection

A burst pipe during winter time can cause a lot of damage to a building. This is one of the most sensitive utility networks and should be inspected frequently to make sure that every element is in good working condition. A cracked pipe section can be easily replaced before a major incident occurs.

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