Real Estate Developments

Colorado boasts one of the fastest economical and industrial developments. Its thriving local market creates a growing number of highly paid jobs for the construction companies in Colorado and many other industries, which inevitably lead to a boom in real estate sector. More investors and more companies locate themselves in Colorado, generating a demand in commercial buildings. Residential real estate is also sought out due to the surge of tenants, who came here to find a better paid job.

Real estate companies are oriented to provide new properties with advanced technologies in construction and innovative renovation approaches. An example of Colorado progress in real estate is a new commercial district in Boulder featuring buildings that operate on a zero-energy policy. They are endowed with an innovative renewable energy system that diminishes significantly the electricity consumption from the main utility grid. It is three times less than the US average in office energy use. The project is expected to lower operating costs, save money for tenants, and ensure a carbon-free and healthy working environment.

Speaking of residential buildings, Colorado experiences an increasing demand in retirement housing. The ageing population of baby boomers is growing, creating a need for a large-scale construction of senior apartments around the state. The assisted living communities tend to provide old people with nursery services, as well as entertainment facilities like: game rooms, restaurants and music programs.