Construction Company Commercial Build And Maintenance

The condition that your commercial building is in has a direct impact on how efficient and how profitable your business activities are – even the shortest downtime caused by a fault of the building can cost you dearly. Fortunately, most issues related to building functionality can be prevented with regular maintenance – here is a short checklist with the most important maintenance tasks:

Exterior Work

The condition of your roof, of your exterior walls, of your doors and windows need to be checked on a monthly basis. Any cracks around the wall openings and around the base of the building need to be fixed as soon as they are noticed.

The roof also needs regular inspection, cleaning and repair. Make sure the topmost layer of your building is visited by a professional at least every six months as well as after major weather events, such as storms. Get the roof cleaned, inspected inch by inch and then take care of the necessary repairs in a timely manner, on the roof as well as on the gutters.

Interior Work

All the major systems in the building, including the plumbing, the electricity, the heating and the cooling need regular, professional maintenance at least once a year, but twice is even better. When setting up your building maintenance schedule, don’t forget to include the fire alarm system and the security systems as well.

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