Construction Site

This year, we are talking more than ever about augmented and virtual reality technology, in the construction industry, because of the increasing offsite technologic demand. Job sites are becoming increasingly more efficient and, most of all, safe, with the use of drones and wearables, while the 3D printing brings other benefits such as a greener construction process, cost reduction and a clearer project vision.

And this is not the only trend visible in 2018.

This year, known Denver construction companies promote, more than ever, training opportunities and apprenticeship programs. The lack of qualified worker is still a problem, especially in states and areas that experience population and economic growth translated into increased construction needs. Companies are struggling with recruiting good employees and motivating them to remain in the business, therefore they are now more willing to invest in their workers, when it comes to professional formation, training and bonuses.

Another trend is related to eco-friendliness and sustainable standards. The construction industry, just like most of the other industries and sectors, becomes more and more aware of the importance of sustainable construction and environmentally friendly materials and technologies, therefore they are now more active in participating in various federally funded programs that promote resilience and sustainability.