The healthcare industry is in continuous change and so are the regulations that new health care industry buildings need to observe. Modern health care facilities encompass an extremely wide range of building types, from small outpatient clinics to nursing homes and large hospital complexes complete with research facilities, labs and high-tech equipment to provide patients the highest level of care, but they all face the same challenges and not only when it comes to the strict regulations, but also when it comes to architectural design – here are some:

  • Sustainability – aspects of water and energy conservation, the increasing usage of daylight and technologies that reduce the facility’s ecological footprint are paid more and more attention to and more and more health care facilities are designed with sustainability in mind.
  • Cost efficiency – the designers of health care facilities are nowadays expected to be able to limit design and construction costs and to reduce construction times without compromising building quality. At Haselden Construction one of the truly great Fort Collins construction companies that understands all the aspects in delivering those needs.
  • Flexibility – health care facilities are built not only for the present, but for the future, too, so they need to be designed to be able to accommodate new technologies, changes in the patient population and in the diseases that need to be treated, therefore modular constructions are becoming more and more popular and widespread.