Chris Scanlan, a construction management associate at Haselden Construction, recalled how, as a kid, he and his family would sometimes spend their Saturdays parked outside the construction fences watching DIA being built. “If you love watching big machinery like I did, getting to work hand-in-hand with it on a job site is an awesome career,” he tells the room of 15 or so kids aged, 8 to 14. Last week, Haselden hosted a total of 30 kids at one of our job sites as part of Rocky Mountain Junior YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Day—an event where the sons and daughters of YPO members tour several businesses to learn more about different industries.

YPO was founded in 1950. With over 24,000 members in 450+ chapters spanning more than 130 countries, its mission statement is “Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange™.” In addition to the Haselden project site, they also toured Hammond’s Candies and Primus Aerospace.

The idea behind the Rocky Mountain Junior YPO Day was to teach kids about different industries, and, from Haselden’s perspective, cultivate interest in ultimately pursuing a career in construction. Chris Scanlan, along with Nate Holst (superintendent), Dean Moissakis (project manager), and Byron Haselden (CEO & President), started the group off with an introduction to Haselden, including watching the on-boarding video all new team members view to get a taste of the Haselden culture. Next came an overview of what exactly a general contractor does, how we use 3D modeling to help throughout a project (the kids loved the fly-through video of our project – especially seeing the rooftop pool and pizza oven!), and specifics about the condo project they were visiting, including a time-lapse video of a typical day of construction. These bright kids kept us on our toes with great questions throughout the presentation:

  • How far did we have to drill to get to bedrock?
  • Do we own our own heavy equipment?
  • Where do we keep the equipment when it’s not being used?
  • Does the rain keep us from working?
  • Who’s paying for the project?
  • How much will the condos sell for?
  • How long does it take to climb the crane?
  • Is the cab of the crane tower nice inside?

Not surprisingly, the 200-foot tall tower crane garnered a good deal of interest from the kids! Their parents (who drove them there) were also very engaged throughout the presentation, asking questions alongside their kids and learning a side of construction most people don’t have the opportunity to experience firsthand.

This was a great experience for everyone involved! It wouldn’t surprise any of us to see some of these young faces back in our offices as interns or team members ten years from now – and we hope we do!

“I’ve been involved with YPO since 2000, and it really is a great organization,” said Byron Haselden. “We were thrilled for the opportunity to host these kids and tell them about our industry and get them excited about the prospect of constructing the buildings of tomorrow – hopefully for Haselden Construction!”