Summer brings sunshine, BBQs, and … interns! Every year, Haselden brings on interns to provide a hands-on learning experience for students. At the same time, it augments our workforce during the busy summer months. How are these students chosen for internships and what are the responsibilities and benefits of being an intern here at Haselden?
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Landing a Haselden Internship

Throughout the year, Haselden’s Human Resources team attends about half a dozen college recruiting events, educating students about our company—what kind of projects we work on, what our values are, and what kind of opportunities working for Haselden offers. These events are a great chance for us to interview students for intern positions and see if they are a fit. “There needs to be a willingness to learn and be proactive and a passion for the industry,” states Haselden HR Manager Amanda Sparks. “We’re looking for people that are not afraid to ask questions and can dive right in. An intern cannot be timid—he or she needs to come into the summer ready to absorb information and find opportunities to help the project team.” The team also does phone interviews for people who attend schools that we haven’t visited.

It’s a pretty competitive playing field! Hundreds of students apply, and we typically have between 15 and 25 spots available. The number of interns selected depends on Haselden’s project needs at the time. Most of the interns are assigned to a project doing project engineer work, however we do sometimes need interns for our Preconstruction Department and Virtual Design & Construction Department.

Amanda Sparks

Amanda Sparks

HR Manager

Our internship program is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on! Not only do we have a lot of fun, but all of our interns get hands-on experience throughout the summer.


Why Are Haselden Internships So Popular?

At schools like Colorado State University, Brigham Young University, CU Boulder, CU Denver, and University of Denver, Haselden is a household name with a great reputation behind it. To gain better insight into what interns are looking for in their summer experience, each year we ask our interns why they chose our company. The responses we receive range from our culture and values to safety record to project variety to our Lean-In group and more. The Intern Spotlight Gallery (below) lets you read—in each student’s own words—what brought them to our company.

Part of the draw of our internships is that the student is able to really become a part of the project he or she is assigned to. The intern stays with the same project or department for the duration of the summer (approximately three months), working with the project manager, project engineer, and superintendent to get well-rounded view of the construction process. Being on-site and walking the job provides perspective and context to academic principles learned in the classroom.

We also expose the interns to the family culture at Haselden. They get to take part in several fun events throughout the summer such as the company picnic and the annual golf tournament, as well as the opportunity to volunteer at our community events such as our annual clay shoot benefiting Homes For Our Troops and our Extreme Community Makeover day. These occasions give them to chance to get to know other Haselden team members and meet our leadership team.

What Happens Next?

Our summer internship program wraps up with each student presenting to our executive leadership team on their experience at Haselden. This is a great way for the interns to hone their presentation skills, as well as a way for Haselden to learn both where our program excels and where we can improve.

This won’t be the last time we see many of these faces. For those that were entering their junior year, many will return the next summer for another internship. For seniors, some will come back to us as full-time team members as part of our CMaP (Construction Management Professional) Program.

Interested in interning with Haselden or joining the Haselden team? Check out our Careers page!