Bidding on construction projects in Wyoming is one thing, winning the bid is another. There is nothing worse than sitting by the phone or checking your email inbox every two minutes, waiting for clients to contact you, so here are a few tips how to make your building company more attractive to clients and how to win construction projects in the Cowboy State:

  • Bid only on projects that you are sure you can handle – having to turn down an offer after you have accepted it is harmful for your reputation and as you know, reputation is everything in the construction industry. Bid only on projects that you have the resources and the know-how for, to avoid such situations,
  • Participate in contests and evaluations to get awards, certificates and accreditations for your company to establish yourself as a reputable constructor,
  • Design and implement a long-term advertising and marketing campaign to inform potential clients about your services through as many different forums and media as possible,
  • Provide multiple channels of communication to make it easy for prospective clients to reach you. Haselden Construction is an experienced company to learn from,
  • Visit online data bases of construction projects every day – register on local and national websites that publish building projects and visit the sites every day to find out about the newest projects and the bidding conditions.