brick and mortar building haselden construction builder

Brick and mortar buildings, whether schools, residential buildings or construction that serves other purposes, require an architectural plan, blueprints for the utilities, building permits, other permits issues by various authorities and multiple specialized contractors, but the general contractor, also known as the builder, does not usually need any special qualifications. Here is what the construction process involves in the case of brick and mortar schools:

  • The architectural design – creating a school design is a special task that requires a very good and experienced architect like that of Haselden Construction who is familiar with the special requirements of buildings that serve educational purposes;
  • Good management – the general contractor working on the school project does not need special certificates, but they need lots of experience, especially in the field of managing public building constructions. However, general contractors can participate in trainings and courses that helps them know more about what is involved with school building projects and with brick and mortar construction, but carrying the related certificates is not mandatory;
  • Experienced subcontractors – the specialized contractors hired for the building project by the general contractor also need experience in the field of catering for the special needs and requirements of public buildings, especially of schools that accommodate many classes.