Local construction builders in Colorado

General contractors are instrumental for the success of any building project – here are the roles they undertake:

  • Organization – general contractors handle all the organizational tasks associated with the building project, from ensuring that the construction materials are delivered by the agreed deadlines to coordinating the work of the subcontractors;
  • Paperwork and scheduling – general contractors also take care of all the paperwork necessary for completing the project, such the building permits and the blueprints and they are in charge of scheduling the succession of the project phases in a way that leaves sufficient time for accomplishing individual processes while also meeting milestones and the final completion deadline;
  • Ensuring safety – work safety is among the most important priorities of general contractors Fort Collins area. They will supervise how safety measures are observed by the teams working on the site and will also monitor the condition of the work tools to ensure that all the work instruments and machines are in good working condition;
  • Waste management – construction projects generate waste and it is usually the general contractor’s responsibility to manage the safe collection and disposal of that waste;
  • Handling emergencies and unexpected situations – this is the most stressful part of a general contractor’s job, a part that requires outstanding problem-solving skills.