Licensed Bonded Insured Contractors Commercial Construction

In order to stay away from different problems (including legal problems!) while having your commercial building raised, you should hire a commercial contractor with a license in the commercial construction field.

Not all contractors are licensed – and you should never agree to sign a contract with a company that cannot show you its credentials. Qualified commercial contractors are licensed by the state; the license is a proof that they have adequate professional training and are familiar with local building codes and permits. You should make sure a contractor`s license is valid by checking with the Registrar of Contractors in your state. Another useful resource you can use to evaluate a commercial contractor is the Better Business Bureau`s website.

Besides being licensed, a reliable Denver contractor should also be bonded and insured. The bond or insurance must be valid, so make sure to check the expiration date. The bond will show you weather the contractor is covered for the amount of work it completes; do not choose a company that prefers to get by the smallest bond available.

As for insurance, a commercial contractor must fully insured (liability insurance + worker’s compensation); it has enormous responsibility, which always comes with an equally massive liability, so it is better to avoid any risks.