April Fools DayWith April Fool’s Day approaching quickly, many people are already thinking about practical jokes to play on their coworkers, however playing jokes on talented Fort Collins Contractors who make safety first may not be a wise idea. The best jokes are funny as well as harmless, getting everyone to laugh, even the person that the joke is on, so here are some tips to have fun without hurting anyone:

  • Make everyone nervous, warning them about a trick that never comes – leave cryptic notes on post-its for your co-workers, behave as if you knew about a coming joke and enjoy how everyone is becoming increasingly alert;
  • Replace cookie filling with toothpaste – Oreo-type biscuits that have white cream filling are great for the purpose. Just twist the biscuits, remove the filling, spread some white toothpaste on the sides and assemble the biscuits again, then offer them to your coworkers;
  • The balloon trick – you will need lots of balloons and quite a bit of lung power for this one. Get lots of balloons, take them into the office of the person you want to play your trick on and fill the room with inflated balloons. The joke is harmless and will surely put a smile on everyone’s face, even on the face of the victim of the joke. The balloons can then be distributed among your co-workers to put some fun into the entire workday.