Helpful Construction Tips

Oftentimes, people look a house and declare it beautiful or ugly without knowing exactly why. It is just a sensation tickling from our subconscious, the feel that everything fits together nicely. It is extremely easy to please the eye when erecting a new building, if you follow several simple rules. Among these:

Research your style

If the building in question is a house, it will fit one style or another. It can even have a combination of two styles, which is called eclecticism. It is necessary, either way, to know exactly what the style features are. In the case of eclecticism, further research must be done, because not all styles can be combined.

Human-sized buildings

Keeping the scale balanced is essential. Grand constructions are impressive, but a humongous building jutting out and overshadowing its neighbors is more than uncomfortable. The house should be proportionated to the lot it is being built on.

Façade for the win

Lastly, try creating a good first impression on the front of the building. One material is a bit boring. Two create variety, if they match, but usually three or more materials give the nasty feeling of clutter. The windows you choose should match the style of the house and be aligned both vertically and horizontally.  For best results call the general contractors Fort Collins has available for professional results.