Why Lean-In?

Haselden established our Lean-In group in 2015 to support, retain, and recruit women in the construction industry and at Haselden specifically. Women often overlook field/craft positions (project management, superintendents, laborers, carpenters) as career opportunities, however these are lucrative careers that offer stability, advancement opportunity, and great benefits.

According to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), a little over 9% of the construction workforce is women. Here at Haselden, we have approximately 13% women.

2019 Mission Statement

Empower women in construction through support, interpersonal relationships, and professional development.

Women in Construction

The Difference Lean-In Makes

“One of the reasons I came to Haselden is because their commitment to diversity and inclusivity is demonstrated through the executive management support of the Lean-In group for the women of Haselden.  Other companies may commit to those principles through words and ideas, but Haselden actually substantiates their commitment with action.

As a member of Lean-In, I am able to provide support to other women in our industry, participate in community outreach through volunteerism, and develop personal growth through leadership activities and networking events.”

Reseena Cowan, Haselden Sr. Project Coordinator

2019 Goals

  • Attract women to Haselden and the construction industry
  • Increase Lean-In group participation in community events
  • Increase support for new team members
  • Promote and foster mentorship
  • Increase sponsorships for events/organizations that further the mission of Lean-In

A Message from Haselden’s Lean-In Chair

“The Haselden Lean-In group provides an interactive forum for women to be leaders and to be supported by others. It also provides a deep level of sharing and personal development which gives our members empowerment in their careers and personal lives. We celebrate and honor the talents and diversity that women bring to the table and we promote these talents to support all of our Haselden coworkers and women in business.”

Haselden Sr. Project Engineer & Lean-In Chair Tina Connett (right), pictured with research pioneer Dr. Temple Grandin (left)


Recent Events

Through community outreach, professional development, and networking events, our Lean-In group works to bring women together and build up the communities we live and work in.

2019-2020 Haselden Lean-In Leaders

Each year, team members volunteer their time to take on more responsibility within the Lean-In group. Identifying events that promote our mission statement and ensuring the events we host run smoothly are just some of the functions our leaders take on each year.

Tina Connett, Sr. Project Enginner

Rebecca Wilcox, Asst. Superintendent

Lauren Martinez, BIM Engineer
Immediate Past Chair

Latest News

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