When we say Haselden is a family business, we’re not just talking about the Haselden family. We definitely have our fair share of Haseldens working at Haselden Construction (just check out this blog post!), but the number of people who are related that work at this company is truly astounding—and says a lot about our culture. Most people are not going to encourage a family member to work for their employer unless they really believe it is a stellar working environment.

Long-Time Family Connections

Since many of the family connections don’t have the same last names, they aren’t always readily apparent. The longer you stay with the company and the more you get to know people, the more family relationships you uncover. Shawn Morrison is a senior superintendent with the company and has been with Haselden since July of 1996. His half-brother, Brandon Hern, is also a superintendent and has been with Haselden since October of 1996. “We started working for Haselden right out of school – me out of college and Brandon out of high school,” said Shawn. “Our first job together was Crested Butte Community School. We’ve never looked back.” 

Brothers Shawn Morrison (left) and Brandon Hern (right).

Another family that’s been here more than two decades is Project Coordinator Monique Anderson and her brother-in-law Mike Cunningham (Mike is married to Monique’s sister), a senior project manager. Monique has been with the company nearly 21 years, and Mike 34 years. At one point, Monique’s sister worked here as well.

Bring the Kids to Work

We have several people working here that like Haselden enough to suggest their kids give it a shot. Lennie Brown is a superintendent that’s been with Haselden nearly 22 years, and his son Kelsey is a carpenter who has been with the company for 7 years. Director of Planning & Construction Preston Nelson started working at Haselden in 1996, and now both his teenage sons, Owen and Tyler, work here as laborers. Kim Devine is our project coordinator for jobs in the Northern Region. She started with the company two years ago and her son Daniel entered our Construction Management Associate Professional Program last year. Father and son team Jessie and Noah Trevino are both currently working at our Laurel Cherry Creek project with Jessie (dad) working as the labor foreman and Noah (son) working as a laborer.

Jason (left) and Killian McManus (right).

Sometimes Kids Know Best!

Sometimes it goes the other way and the younger generation starts first and bring their parents into the fold. Luke Gebauer started in Haselden’s Miscellaneous Metals group (part of our Self-Perform Team) in 2016 and is now the general superintendent for Miscellaneous Metals. His dad, Mike Gebauer, came on the next year and is an assistant superintendent in Concrete – also a part of the Self-Perform Team. Brandon and Dakota Moore are another father-son team where the son started at the company first. Dakota started out in our Construction Management Professional Program in 2015 and has since moved into the role of project engineer. Two years after his start, his dad, Brandon, joined our On-Call Team as a business

developer and is now the On-Call division manager/director of business development. Bringing in another family member, Brandee Moore, Brandon’s daughter and Dakota’s sister, interned with us last summer. Assistant Superintendent Jason McManus and his son Killian McManus (laborer) both started at the same time and are working together on our W Aspen project.


Extended Family

In-laws, cousins, you name it, you can probably find the familial connection at Haselden! Travis Weber, our assistant director of Environmental Health & Safety is cousins with Brandt Plessinger, a welder foreman on our Miscellaneous Metals Team. Equipment Manager Daniel Kreutzer is brother-in-law to Senior Estimator Joe McLain. On-Call General Superintendent Andrew Ruder often works with his brother, Civil Superintendent Thomas Ruder. Cousins Teo Galarza, Jose Galarza, and Irving Nunez all work together in our On-Call Division.


What’s It Mean?

So what do all these family connections say about Haselden as a company? Most people are not going to recommend their relatives come work at a company unless they feel REALLY good about that company—that it’s stable, that it has a good culture, that it will treat their family member(s) well. With the number of people referring their family members, it’s more than just one or two people who feel this way. One of Haselden’s core values is to instill a Sense of Belonging. For us this means to maintain a sense of inclusiveness, compassion, concern, and balance by fostering a feeling of family. When you work here, you’re always part of that Haselden Construction family. Shawn Morrison summed it up well when describing how he and his brother Brandon feel about working for Haselden: “We’ve developed many relationships and we always feel like family.”