If we want extra security for our homes, to protect us against potential trespassers, we must consider investing in a home alarm, which will warn us about possible outside intrusions. Until not so long ago, only companies and public institutions used to have alarm systems, but now, many private residences are also protected by these solutions.  Some of the most detailed builders in Colorado are starting to include these systems as upgrades.

If you are amongst the owners who want to protect their homes with an alarm system, it is good to know some information about the current models, just to have a place to start when you select such a product.

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These days, the offer on the market is very diverse, but typically, regardless of the typology, all home alarm systems have a similar configuration: an alarm panel (also known as control panel), a keypad (which allows enabling/ disabling the system), a remote control, sirens, input sensors (placed on doors and windows) and motion detectors. Most of the more recent products also include a panic button.

Besides the traditional fixed-line home alarm systems, the recent trend involving the use of wireless technology allowed the apparition of wireless alarm systems, the connection being made by radio (GPRS) or cellular signals (Global System for Mobile communications ). The advantage of these systems is that they do not include cables, so the system cannot be sabotaged by cutting the cables.