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Churchill used to say that we shape our buildings, and then our buildings shape us. This is true, because effective building design can promote performance, safety and well-being. And it is particularly true when it comes to healthcare buildings.

Guiding design with evidence

Although healthcare buildings support modern medical care, they are also places associated with high levels of stress and anxiety. If they are noisy and dark, the unwelcoming atmosphere will only further intensify the stress of both the patients and the medical personnel.

The design of a healthcare building has to be guided by empirical evidence documenting on how to create less stressful and safer buildings.

Architects use evidence from hard sciences like engineering, to guide their work. For example, there are studies revealing that with a window view of nature use less medication and are discharged earlier after a surgery, compared to patients that have nothing but a brick wall window view.

Evidence-based design provides relevant data on design elements that work best and includes several categories; we mention 3 of the most significant ones:

  • Ensuring safety (adequate ventilation and air quality, easy-to-clean surfaces etc.)
  • Ensuring an appealing visual environment (nature views, natural light, artwork etc.)
  • Ensuring a quiet and pleasant audio environment with sound-absorbing walls and ceilings

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