commercial construction project plan design builders structure in Colorado

If you are planning to start a construction project soon and you have also selected one of the high end builders in Colorado to work with, here are some tips about what to discuss before the big work starts:

  • The plans and the permits – no building project should ever start without having all the plans and permits in order. In most cases, one of the first tasks of a construction company is to ensure that the architectural plans are precisely what the client wants and that all the necessary permits have been obtained. When your project is just about to start, use the last meetings with your constructor to check all those documents.
  • The subcontractors – another essential subject to discuss with your constructor is the use of subcontractors. Most building companies do not work with their own teams but use subcontractor companies that both the constructor company and you as the client should approve.
  • The roadmap – the final discussions with your constructor before the building project starts should include final checks regarding the exact schedules for the different project phases to ensure the deadlines are reasonable and adequately communicated to everyone involved, including all the subcontractors and administrative staff.