Strategy Execution Success with Haselden Construction

Having a new commercial facility built to expand your business is a huge project – whether it is a new warehouse, an office building or construction to serve a different purpose, you need a very well-designed roadmap and disciplined action from a company such as Haselden Construction. Here are the three most important project phases that your construction process must include:

  • The planning and development phase – this is the most important phase in any construction project. This is when the exact location is set, when the budget is determined, the architect and the other collaborators, such as the general contractor are identified and hired;
  • The design phase – this is the phase when the building is designed down to the smallest detail, when the orientation of the building is set, when the destination of each room is determined and when the timeline is defined for the construction phase;
  • The construction phase – this is the longest and most complex phase. It includes the procurement of the necessary materials, decisions about the storage of the building equipment and the materials and the actual construction process. The phase ends when the certificate of completion is issued to prove that the construction meets the client’s requirements and official construction requirements as well.