We’re aiming once again to help a fantastic cause. Please plan now to join us at Kiowa Creek on June 5 for the 2nd Annual Haselden Shoot.
Matthew_Spang Once again, proceeds will go to Homes for Our Troops — and, specifically, for repairs needed to make U.S. Army Sgt. Matthew Spang’s home in Monument more wheelchair-accessible. In 2011, Sgt. Spang lost both of his legs below the knees and experienced severe damage to his right hand when a vehicle in which he was traveling in Afghanistan was hit by two improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Sgt. Spang is already is grateful for this event.
“The burden of finding a place for us to live comfortably would be lifted off my shoulders and allow me to help my kids be happy and give them the tools they need to succeed,” he said. “There will be room for my kids to have a better life — and room for us to grow into.”
Last year’s Haselden Shoot was a resounding success, bringing in more than $50,000. We hope to beat that level of giving this year, of course — so we hope you’ll consider becoming a sponsor and/or telling your friends who also may be interested in helping to make this event possible. Sponsorships are limited, so reserve your spot now.

  • Platinum Sponsor (includes 3 four-person teams): $15,000
  • Gold Sponsor (includes 3 four-person teams): $10,000
  • Silver Sponsor (includes 2 four-person teams): $7,500
  • Shell Sponsor (includes 1 four-person team): $6,000
  • Lunch Sponsor (includes 1 four-person team): $4,500
  • Beverage Sponsor (includes 1 four-person team): $3,500
  • Breakfast Sponsor (includes 1 four-person team): $3,500
  • Large Prize Sponsor (includes 1 four-person team): $3,500
  • General Raffle Sponsor (includes 1 four-person team): $3,000

Have questions? Please contact Laura Hoff at 303.728.3744 or laurahoff@haselden.com or Josh Huff at 303.728.3895 or joshhuff@haselden.com.